Thank you for your interest in Building Bytes.

Building Bytes is a research and development project by Brian Peters of DesignLabWorkshop. Brian is an architect and designer who specializes in emergent design and fabrication techniques. He received a Master’s of Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago and worked for several years as an architect in Chicago. In 2009, Brian moved to Barcelona, where he taught at the Institute of Advanced Architecture in Catalonia (IAAC), while also helping oversee IAAC’s Fab Lab (a center for advanced fabrication).  More recently, Brian was based in Amsterdam, where he started several projects investigating the role of 3D printing in architecture, including the KamerMaker and the 3D Print Canal House both with DUS Architects as well as Building Bytes.

Starting in the fall of 2013, Building Bytes will be based in Kent, Ohio (USA), where Brian has a teaching and research position at Kent State University in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

Please do not hesitate to contact Brian with any questions, comments or requests.