R+D Awards

We are pleased to announce that Building Bytes was selected as one of the winners of ARCHITECT magazine’s 2014 R + D Awards.

Here are the juror’s comments:

“Juror Gerardo Salinas praised Building Bytes’ reinvention of the brick as a variable module with the potential to “do mass customization in a very clever way.” As juror Mimi Love pointed out, the result is “not an extruded piece of clay anymore, but something that can vary in all three dimensions.”

“The jurors were more enthralled by the potential of Building Bytes’ process than by the aesthetically striking output. “It’s the system that is the real merit of the entry,” Salinas said. Juror Bill Kreysler was initially skeptical of the project’s innovation since “clay has been extruded through a die for hundreds of years.” Yet, he said, the project “does allow for objects that are refreshingly new, based on an understanding of the material. And that’s important because the more informed designers are about material properties, the more they can open doors to new ideas.”


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